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Sabine Charles


Sabine Charles is the founder and CEO at Charles Financial Strategies/ TAPA Institute (Transformational Audit Practitioner Apprenticeship Institute).  Sabine, AKA The CPA Doctor”, and her dedicated CPA boot camp instructors focus on adult education methods to present  CPA and CIA materials in a form that connects with the individual’s preferred cognitive processing approach. TAPA Institute offers an array of comprehensive services such as CPA certification tutoring and boot camps, CIA certification tutoring and boot camps, career coaching, and online courses focused on the client.


After graduating from Baruch College and Queens College, Sabine became devoted to excelling in the practice of accounting services and financial consulting as her career progressed.  She worked internationally and honed language skills in French, Spanish, and Portuguese.   Sabine incorporates these skills and her cultural awareness into the learning methods used at TAPA Institute. At Deloitte & Touche, LLP, she contributed her time and talent into regulating compliance issues and adding value to the institution through auditing, accounting, and risk management services. To stay up to date, Sabine has achieved certifications in financial areas involving information technology, internal audit, risk management, and forensics. Sabine extends her knowledge by teaching senior-level accounting courses and educates others through TAPA Institute’s apprenticeship program. Sabine lives in NYC with husband John and children Victoria and Alexander.

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