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Studying for the CPA Exam?


The Lady CPA Network is excited to announce that we are partnering with Universal CPA Review to offer you an exclusive discount to their visual learning platform, developed by CPAs for CPAs-to-be. 


Overview of Universal CPA Review's suite of study resources

            Individual Test Bank

  • Detailed explanation videos for MCQs

  • Task-based simulations with explanation videos

  • Content mapped to AICPA Blueprints

  • Unlimited practice tests

  • Multiple-choice questions

            Individual Exam​

All of the resources in the Individual Test Bank, plus:

  • Video lectures

  • Visual study guide

            Complete Package

All of the resources in the Individual Exam, plus:

  • Access to all exams

  • 30 minute CPA Exam Strategy Session 

Use the discount code LADYCPA25% to unlock Universal CPA Review's innovative study platform


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