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The Lady CPA Network is a non-profit organization aiding in the advancement of African American women in the accounting and finance profession. Our goal is to provide a network and platform for African American women in accounting and finance as a support system and collaborative body of professionals. To offer scholarships, mentorship, internships, entrepreneurial assistance, guidance and opportunities for women who aspire to be in the profession, as well as educational support and continuing education.  To increase the visibility of African American women at the executive and partner level within the accounting  and finance profession.

According to the AICPA women may represent more than 50% of accounting graduates entering the profession for the last 20 years, but makeup only 19% of the partners in accounting firms nationwide.


An analysis conducted of disclosures made by 50 American financial services companies revealed that women occupy only 20% of executive committee roles and 22% of board positions. Only 12% of the chief executive officers of large U.S. financial firms are women.

“Women have limited access to female or diverse role models” We are those role models!”


  • Provide scholarships for minority women majoring in accounting and finance

  • Provide financial support for continuing education and assistance with preparing for the CPA, CFA, and CFP exam

  • Provide career mentoring within the profession

  • Provide business consulting and financial assistance to women accounting and finance entrepreneurs

  • Increase interest at the high school and collegiate level for women in accounting and finance



Thank you for your interest in The Lady CPA Network (TLCPA). We are a non-profit organization of professional women in accounting. We are entrepreneurs, we are executives, we are college students who aspire to take part in the profession. We are a body of women making our mark on the male-dominated profession. Most of all we are changing the face and perception of accounting and finance. We are building strong and influential cooperative relationships. Often-times as women in a male dominated profession  we are faced with challenges that our male counterparts cannot relate to, and are not affected by. We can feel isolated in the profession that we love. The only thing preventing us from excelling and reaching our desired goals within the profession is the availability of resources and the right cooperative network. Well, you've waited long enough and now TLCPA is here for you together let’s create and manifest your desire to succeed. Don't allow fear or the lack of resources and a firm support system stop you. Growth, expansion, and upward mobility are all part of your plan within the profession, sometimes you just need a little help getting there. Well, you're in the RIGHT place!


  • Are you frustrated and unsure of what you desire in the accounting and finance profession?

  • Do you need an accountability and additional resources to study for the CPA exam or grow your business?

  • Are you wanting to establish an influential network that increases both your personal and professional net worth?


If your answer was YES to at least one of the questions above then it's time for you to take the next step in manifesting your dreams by becoming a member of The Lady CPA Network . There are so many reasons to start your membership today; however, the most important one is YOU! Let's start planning for your success NOW!


There are three primary reasons why women either slow in progression or leave accounting firms in greater numbers than their male counterparts:


1. The most obvious and often-discussed reason is a conflict between responsibilities outside of work and the intense time commitment that has historically been required to continue to progress in accounting firms. Although the role of men in many societies is changing to include more commitment to family, women generally still have greater responsibilities outside of work that they find incompatible with current firm and professional norms.


2. The second reason is related to a lack of visibility that has two parts to it. There are not enough female role models and women leaders are often not as visible as male leaders. The impact of lack of visibility is a very significant and underestimated part of the problem. Without role models to demonstrate important aspects of professional development such as work/life integration, leadership styles and business development approaches, women in the profession often limit their aspirations and/or conclude they cannot succeed because they do not feel they can identify with the style and approach of the current masculine models.


3. The third reason is related to career navigation and guidance. For a number of very tangible reasons many women do not have the same access to career development and advocacy relationships with senior leaders in the firm as their male counterparts. For instance, ambition seems to be harder for women to express as competitive behaviors tend to be seen as more appropriate for men than for women. Interwoven with the above issues or barriers are cultural aspects that organizations should address as well as critical areas of skill building and career awareness that women need access to. (Article published by Accounting Today).


JaJuan Williams, CPA, MBA

J. Lauren Williams (Founder)

Hi and thank you for your interest in The Lady CPA network. This organization of professional women is near and dear to my heart. As an alumna of Florida A&M University the success of African American women in business is a plight that's near and dear to my heart. After 17 years in the profession I have come across many challenges in both private and public accounting. I have worked in corporate accounting in positions of Senior Regional accountant, controller and CFO. I left my last corporate position in 2009 to start my own public accounting firm CFO Benefits Inc., which has been a great success. While writing my dissertation to complete my Doctorate in Business Administration with the focus being accounting, I was astonished at the difficulties experienced by African Americans in the accounting profession, as well as women in the accounting profession. Even today African Americans make up less than 1% of CPAs.  Women may represent more than 50% of accounting graduates entering the profession for the last 20 years, but make up only 19% of the partners in accounting firms nationwide. Further while studying for the CPA exam I encountered so many women that need the support of other women who are exactly where they are or

who have already gone through the same frustrations and hours upon hours of studying while either working full time, raising kids, being a wife etc. Without the support of other women this journey can be impossible. So ladies I present to you your #1 resource, we are here to support you in all of your professional endeavors The Lady CPA Network. Let’s take this Journey together. 

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