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Why women are the best mentors to encourage other women in career success

Why women are the best mentors to encourage other women in career success

One of the first mentors I’ve ever had was a glorious woman. I met her being in the depth of despair when all my attempts to make money crashed into pieces. That time I found myself in real estate business where other women’s networking groups succeeded. Though I had no difficulties in selling relatively cheap apartments, something has gone astray when it turned to the expensive properties. Having something on my mind, I came to a famous mentor who was highly recommended by some women in finance area.

Why have I chosen a woman as my mentor? Once I have read an article that gave me an interesting idea. It seemed that in professional life women have more mental blocks than men do what affects their career growth badly. There is no doubt, only female mentors will help to get rid of the hesitations, blurring purposes, inability to express opinion in front of the executives. As well, some women face the difficulties in showing their success to the public. Not surprisingly, I had all those fears, and I could talk about that only with women.

So, I was waiting for the detailed investigation of my closest purposes and global aims. However, after my long story of little success and big failure, she asked me a couple of questions that seemed really strange. I remember myself being shocked after the question which brands I did wear and what the social class of people I usually communicated with. She also asked if I had been a member of any professional women’s network.

- It doesn’t matter! – replied I. But she insisted on my sincerity. That is how I told that I rarely wore high-fashion brands and socialized closely only with people who I felt comfortable with. The verdict she expressed was quite unusual.

- Having talked to you, I found out that you have the right purposes and correctly compound business plan. You are also rather hard-working and eager to dedicate all your time to meet the needs of the client. However, you have some problems that will never let you go further.

Having listened to my stories, she came to a conclusion that once I go up to the career ladder, there is a man who takes an initiative. So, my failures also had a gender motives. But let’s go further.

As my mentor has explained in the conversation, I had a wrong perception of money. Indeed, since the early childhood my parents had repeated that big money could make people worse. Also, they considered that it is a task of a man to do for a living, not a women’s network. Though I did my best to break such prejudices and join the professional women’s organizations, the result was low as my brain did not work to reach an appropriate purpose.

- How to cope with such a problem? – I asked my mentor. She was assured that women in accounting and real estate business should get on well with the social energy of money. So, she proposed me a couple of smart ways how to escape from the obsolete misconceptions.

She asked if I felt some difficulties in coming to the shops with high-fashion dresses and put on the most expensive of them. Though it seemed strange, she claimed that many female accountants dedicated their time to break the boundaries between your world and space where rich people have access. The secret of this psychological technique lied in the fact that once we are going to build any business, real estate, or accounting network, we have to learn how to deal with the people from certain circle.

In the matter of mentorship, women’s social organizations always claim that it is enormously important for girls and women who want to achieve success to consult with the female revisers. They have a unique possibility to feel the needs of women in our masculine world. As well, they know how to use typically women’s features to get the desirable result. For instance, a perfect combination of analytical mind and sensitivity along with emotional intelligence will, definitely, give a necessary outcome when it comes to the organization of business.

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