Women in Accounting: Are You Protecting Your Business?

Person sitting at a desk on the computer.
Photo by Keren Levand via Unsplash.

Picture this: you’ve built a successful business from the ground up, you’re getting ready to expand your firm, and someone who’s been a member of your team since the beginning leaves to start their own business...with all of your blueprints with them.

This can go one of two ways.

If you’ve protected your brand, you can bat your eyelashes and move forward with your plans to scale your business without breaking a sweat.

If you haven’t taken the steps to legally fortress your business, then get ready for the walls to start crumbling.

For women in accounting, legally protecting your brand is essential so you can confidently grow your business. Why?

Protecting your brand does a few things for service providers:

  • Allows you to build your legacy: A lot of times, our “why” is to build something that our family can benefit from for generations to come — so make sure what you’re leaving is well-protected!

  • Leverage opportunities with confidence: