How to Invest in Yourself — Without Spending a Dime

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Photo by Windows via Unsplash

When was the last time you invested in yourself?

Was it when you negotiated your firm’s offer for yourself? Maybe it was when you decided to pursue your CPA certification? Or when you decided to dive into entrepreneurship?

These are all specific mile markers along the path of career success for a lot of women in accounting and finance — but they’re not the only ways you can invest in yourself personally and professionally.

Often, we think that investing in yourself has to coincide with an impactful career decision or turning point in your life. And, that this practice has to come with multiple dollar signs.

This can cause a lot of women to put their own professional and personal development on pause, and who could blame you? We’re already pressed for time and energy — and even if our revenue streams are plentiful and healthy, we may choose to put that flow of income elsewhere before putting it back into ourselves.

But investing in yourself doesn’t have to look like a huge time commitment. It also doesn’t have to include opening your wallet.

So, what could this look like, then?

  • Finding a mentor — or becoming a mentor

  • Attending a webinar or taking a course

  • Planning a staycation

Discover a mentor for you — or become a mentor for someone else