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Which Marketing Strategy is Right for Your Firm?

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Are you struggling to develop a pipeline of customers for your practice? Has your revenue been a flat line lately — or worse, for the last few years? Do you want to scale your business but you’re unsure how?

You’re not alone. These are some of the more common challenges women in accounting face when they’re trying to figure out how to get to the next level with their firms. But, the answer to overcoming these obstacles and paving your path for success is a little more complicated.

In short, if you want to kick your efforts (and rewards) up a notch, you’re going to have to do something we all avoid until the last possible second: put together a marketing plan.

Marketing can be a bit of a scary word, mainly because there’s no one way to put together a strategy for your business.

Should you opt for social media marketing or stick to more traditional channels?

If you do decide to try social out, which platforms should you use? And what should you post?

How can you measure your marketing efforts? And how can you determine the return on investment?

How much should you be spending in the first place?

It’s enough to just shut your laptop off and call it a day on your expansion efforts. But, that’s exactly why we took the time last summer to speak with marketing specialist, Candice Kelly.

Candice has a 20-year long marketing career in a variety of industries, including hospitality and finance. After experiencing so much success leading in-house teams, she founded her own firm, Anza Keita LLC, where she helps her clients figure out the marketing strategies that work for them.

A professional headshot of Candice Kelly.
With a 20 year career in marketing, Candice Kelly has leadership experience with Hyatt Hotels, Hilton Worldwide, and Walmart. Photo via LinkedIn.

So, thanks to Candice’s expertise, we’ll be covering:

  • The different kinds of marketing strategies out there

  • What those strategies look like

  • Social media do’s and don’ts

Let’s get started!

The marketing strategy rolodex

There are a lot of different ways you can market your firm — the possibilities feel endless.

But, don’t get discouraged! We’ll be focusing on the strategies that will most benefit women in accounting and finance — that’s right, we’re talking about you.

First, there’s traditional marketing. Traditional marketing is anything that isn’t related to digital marketing. Basically, any strategy that doesn’t take place on the internet.

These are outlets like radio interviews, magazine ads, and billboard placements.

Even though social media is incredibly popular today, don’t discount the more traditional avenues! They’re still very effective for getting your name out there and can even expand your reach.

Another kind of strategy out there is content marketing. Content marketing allows you to create products or services that aren’t a part of your core business or service package. Instead, they’re auxiliary services that allow you to build a base of consumers and broaden your audience.