Women In Finance

Written by: Rabia Salman Taslim

With the fast-growing advancements, and social movements, it has become fair to say that our women are levering up those economic barriers, they are stepping out of their usual four walls, and they are striving extremely hard to make prevalent, and provisional changes, not just for themselves, but for their people, their country, and for the stability of the society we function in. With the hustle and fight for social equality, it is finally a great deal of success to us women when we see brave, and fearless women from all different backgrounds, and classes represent us, and various other intersectional groups on national and global telecasts, and spectrums.

Though with gradual prospects, and opportunities, women can level up and come to terms with different jobs, and it is safe to say they are excelling in all walks of life, whether it’s Women in Finance, Women in the Legal sector, Women in the Education sector, or Women in the Health sector, they are doing wonders, and they are making themselves shine bright, regardless of the adversities they face. All of this is possible, and relevant because of various women's social organization that has come together to protest against the injustices they face in workplaces, through which professional women's networks such as The Lady CPA Network come together, to support and hold hand with the movements to conquer.

In recent times, we observe the fact that a balanced workforce, filled with equity is equally as beneficial and efficient for different companies, firms, customers, and investors. With the help of multilingual ideas spread across different finance firms, where women can play their role as well, and create a space for new women who are coming in and enrolling themselves in these sectors. Recent research believes that gender diversity in businesses correlates with better results including lower market volatility, minimal fraud, better performance and productivity, and higher rates of creativity, ideas, and innovation, where everyone feels included and close-knit.

Even though spaces are formed for women to get along, and create a ball of unity, Women in Accounting, and even business professional women, who yet face a glass ceiling effect in finance that increases in specific sectors, such as banking, where there is an accounting network of a strong macho-masculine culture which abstains them from pursuing and moving forward with their career even if they possibly made it to a mid tear management positions, and sometimes if they make it to the top, with full meritocracy they are set to fail, which pushes their morale down, and makes them doubt their self worth. For example, there might be a reduced payment wage of a female accountant, as compared to a male accountant, just because gender discrimination prevails, in most cases.

Recent years have shown a comparative increase in the exploration in the roles of women in boardrooms and several senior