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Seven Habits of Successful Women

Seven habits of successful women

Who is the greatest woman you’ve always dreamt of meeting with? Femme fatale Cleopatra, the Iron lady Margaret Thatcher, brave warrior Jeanne d’Arc, legendary spymistress Mata Hari, national Diana, princess of Wales, famous trendsetter Coco Chanel, benefactress mother Theresa… Each of these women had a certain degree of feminine compassion and lion’s share of male’s power.

If the history is unheralded, we are not able to move forward. When we talk about success of women in the male world, women in accounting and finance fighting their way to the top it’s our right to use the best heritage of human history and adjust it to the current situations. So, we’ll talk about seven habits which successful women usually possess. Brought to you by The Lady CPA Network.


It’s extremely important to organize work place. This sweeping generalization when related to women gets another meaning. True leaders of the team know how important it is to have a fun and keep atmosphere friendly. Women are usually able to use their charisma and creative abilities to involve as many people into activity as possible. For example, the famous TV presenter and social activist Oprah Winfrey once figured out the importance of such alternative activities done on the work place as the so-called ‘yoga of laughter’. Being similar to the aerobic exercises that do not make you exhausted, yoga of laughter increases the amount of air. It is based on the idea that productivity always depends on the mood, and people who work together should laugh. In such a way Oprah Winfrey brings hope, positive attitude, and optimism into the team as well as increase communicative skills.

Keeping emotions under control

Women are usually well-known for their temperamental outbursts. However, when one leads a business, she should possess an icy intelligence and sensible view of things. Keeping emotions under control is crucially important.

…When journalists asked mother Theresa if it is honest to take money from the dictators (for instance, the leader of Haiti Franswa Divalye contributed into her activities), she answered quite simply. ‘One should not pay attention who is going to criticize. It is only important to go about his business. Having put off personal interests, one should listen to what you have heard, see what you have been shown, and accept what is here right now ’.

Mother Theresa knew how to organize her health care centers. The nurses are being educated for nine years. Each of them should take a vow of poverty and serving poor. They have to be always calm, keep emotions under control, and do not have a necessity to discuss what they have seen. This is how the second principle of successful work has been implemented being introduced by the woman.


As our motto states at The Lady CPA Network our ladies are confident, professional and accomplished. It’s not a secret that in the world where men are ruling women sometimes feel unprotected. Nevertheless, self-confidence is of crucial importance here because the more irresistible you look, the better impression you’ve made. Coco Chanel was the perfect example of a woman who gained not only hard-working skills and creative mind but also an ability to attract people with her confidence. She had never lost hope in what she was doing. Even in the times of troubles and gritting dramas she continued to create. Perhaps, everybody knows about the little black dress. Well, have you heard the story of its creation? Unlike you could think, Chanel was inspired not by a great love or exciting relationships. She had a man who she really loved; however, he did not take her seriously. After a whirling courtship with Coco Chanel he got married to another woman. It broke the heart of a famous lady, but she did not give up. In two years he died, and little black dress became a symbol of the grief and sorrow for Chanel… Despite the tragedy, she found powers to stand up and go forward with the help of her self-confidence.

Help to the people in need

The so-called social responsibility is a feature of a well-heeled business strategy. In case of women who lead corporations, this quality seems outstanding. No doubt, women are always responsible for the amount of peace and calmness in the world. A great example is Princess Diana who found her soul inclination in helping those who needed it. When the princess was alive, grateful people called her ‘A queen of human hearts’. She supported oncology centers, hospitals, orphanages, and places for homeless. As well, she headed more than 100 charitable organizations all over the world. There is a famous quote which is worth mentioning: ‘World is ill because of absence of human love and compassion’.

Care about yourself

Sometimes women lose themselves helping others. However, it’s a big mistake to forget about your own needs. Margaret Thatcher was considered as the iron lady. However, he really had a philosophy of care in reality. In the interview given in 1987 she claimed that government cannot do anything without immersion of people. The citizens should not put responsibility for their lives and benevolence on the shoulders of authorities only. That’s why the duty of state is to care about themselves and help other nations, said Margaret Thatcher.

Focusing on strong sides

In the world where everyone wants to abuse, denigrate, and criticize to get bigger power, women have to be quite attentive. They should present themselves putting forward their best personal and business traits. Don’t be shy! Focus on your strong sides. Just take an example of a famous beauty Mata Hari. A famous dancer and spymistress invented a lot of details from the her trying to seem more interesting. Having lived in India, Mata Hari observed Eastern dances. She was fascinated by the fact how much pleasure they cause among the spectators. Not being professional dancer, she decided to hit the ground and first performed in front of public in 1905. Exotic movements of a beautiful woman amazed everybody who gathered. This is a story of courage and confidence when an amazing lady was not afraid of showing her best sides.

Setting limits

The last important habit of successful women is the ability to set the limits. It is hard to balance between work and house, role of efficient business lady and loving wife. That’s why the border between private life and business should be identified correctly, and close people have to understand where they can and cannot go.

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