What do Women in Accounting Need to Attract Dream Clients?

A woman in an orange tanktop and white pants stands at her white desk with an iMac. She's looking down at some papers. There are ceiling to floor windows behind her with a view of the cityscape.
Photo by Keren Levand via Unsplash

Are you stacking your schedule with client after client so you can actually turn a marginal profit?

Do you find yourself constantly having to set boundaries with your clients about when is an appropriate time to reach you or even about the scope of your services?

Instead of feeling the fruits of your success, are you just feeling overwhelmed and overworked?

Ladies, if this sounds like you, you’re suffering from what I call Nightmare Client Syndrome—and this happens all too often for women in accounting and finance.

Once a month, we’ll be posting our Dream Client series, where we’ll be sharing what you (yes, you!) need to attract high-quality and high-dollar clients to your business.

Yes, we’re talking about your dream client. Because you have everything it takes to excel in your business on your terms—it’s just going to take a little more finessing on areas that might lie outside of your expertise. (And that’s ok—that’s what we’re here for!)

So this month, we’re talking about one of the most essential elements for attracting your Dream Client:

Girl, a website.

Now, this doesn’t need to be state-of-the-art, but there are a few things that absolutely need to be included if you’re trying to engage high