The Representation of Women in Accounting and Finance

According to a report by the U.S. Census Bureau, the representation of women in the workforce has witnessed a tremendous increase since the early 70’s. About 40 years ago, the workforce was comprised of approximately 62% men whereas women made up the remaining 38%. As of 2010, things had slightly changed in women’s favor where women representation in the workforce had risen to more than 47% while that of men shrunk to 52.8%.

Nonetheless, the main professions for both men and women are yet to witness considerable change. For instance, in the 70s, the popular occupation for men was truck driving and this was still the same case in 2010. Similarly, in the 70s, most women held secretarial positions in firms and the trend was still the same in 2010. Women began holding key management roles in financial institutions in the late 80’s. The issue of business professional women holding key positions within the field of accounting and finance began attracting world attention in the early 90’s particularly in countries like Canada, the UK, and the US. Today, most financial institutions employ women as secretaries, tellers, and assistant administrative staff.

Women leadership representation in men-dominated fields

Contrary to the popular belief that women have no interest in science, math and other male dominated industries, the number of professional women presently working, and joining the field of accounting and finance suggests otherwise. More than ever, women are opting to become accountants.

One main reason why many women are joining the field of accounting is because they are positive that a career in accounting can finally give them a work-life balance they so much need. Thanks to the mobile technology, many accounting companies are experiencing workplace flexibility, and this continues to create more options for professional women.

Today, nearly half of CPAs in accounting firms are women, and this is an opportunity for women to be fully in charge of their careers. The good news is, if a woman accountant is fully licensed, she can choose to stop working for a company and open their own practice where they can control their careers by calling all the shots. One great thing about CPAs is whether they choose to give full attention to a certain niche or consider having a wide-ranging practice, they will always figure things out on their own and more importantly, they will never experience work shortage regardless of how much time or hours they allocate to work each week.