Should You Bother Getting Certified?

A Black woman in a sweater and ripped jeans sits cross-legged on her bed with her laptop open, various textbooks open, and a planner open as well.
Photo by Windows via Unsplash

In the finance field, there are several different certifications you can pursue. 34, to be exact. CPA, CMA, CGMA—it can be overwhelming to look through a list of these and try to decide what certification to work for.

Sabine Charles, CPA, CIA, CISA, CFE, CISM, CEO at TAPA Institute, and a Lady Ambassador here at The Lady CPA, has a question for you before you go any further: what certifications do you need to advance your career?

Just because there are so many options out there doesn’t mean you have to take any of them. Instead, this decision needs to be the product of some serious self-reflection.

How can you make more money doing the job you already have?

How can you maximize your cash flow?

Once you’ve been honest with yourself about the answers to these questions—and your path is leading you toward professional development (and success!)—Sabine has a recommendation for you: certifications.